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Introduction - GalNAc Product

     N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) is a well-defined liver-targeted moiety benefiting from its high affinity with asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGPR). The use of multivalent N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) oligonucleotide glycoconjugates has led to significant advances in therapeutic delivery as evidenced by the work of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Ionis Pharmaceuticals.

     Azvlz Pharma provides high quality GalNAc products with different linkers/length and different functional groups. GalNAc derivatives with customized length, chain and functional group are also available.  

Various functionalized GalNAc ligands include:

  • Alkynes – react with azides via copper-catalyzed click chemistry.
  • Azides – react with triple bonds via click chemistry.
  • Maleimides – react with thiols.
  • Amines – react with carboxylic acids.
  • Carboxylic acids – react with amine group.
  • NHS esters (including sulfo-NHS esters) – reactive with amine group.
  • Biotin – for detection of tris-GalNAc ligands via streptavidin.

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Protein Conjugation Service
  • ADC Linker Customer Synthesis and Optimization

Leveraging our extensive expertise in synthetic chemistry and a diverse range of in-house linkers, Azvlz Pharma assists our customers in the design and synthesis of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) inkers and linker-drug conjugates. The design of linkers greatly influences the overall performance of ADCs, impacting their stability, drug release kinetics, target specificity, and therapeutic efficacy. Linker modification and optimization are essential aspects of developing successful ADCs. Azvlz Pharma aims to provide tailored solutions for creating novel pharmaceutical compounds.

  • Protein Labeling Services

Protein labeling enables proteins’ detection, quantification, localization, or manipulation in various biological and research applications. Protein labeling techniques are versatile tools that provide valuable insights into protein biology, cellular processes, and disease mechanisms. The choice of labeling method depends on the experimental goals, the properties of the protein, and the downstream applications.

Azvlz Pharma can assist our customers attaching a fluorescent dye, biotin, small tags, Horseradish peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase, magnetic nanoparticles, gold nanoparticles to the target protein. 


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